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Controladores de irrigação baseados em sinais para plantação de romãzeiras

power supply:DC 24V communication protocol:Lora/4G protection level:IP67 working Temp:-20~65℃ Media Temp:0~70℃ valve caliber:DN50~DN150

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Signal based irrigation controllers

1、remote control by Mobile phone or PC computer

2、control the valve position by percentage  

3、irrigation water capacity setting, to control water consumption

4、malfunction warning 、water shortage warning,low power warning etc,to provide secure user experience 

5、When it start watering, the real-time feedback of consumption and time will reflect on the App 

6、power supply solution: powered by solar panel+18650 batteries,green and environment-friendly

7、Timing function

8、circular irrigation

9、Push notification of device

10、 When the Internet is cut, the controller will keep watering according to schedule once the timing program is set.                  

11、record of each water consumption and duration each month

12、delay irrigation in rainy and snowy weather

13、Lora/NB-iot/4G optional commication protocol

14、sharing devics function

15、intelligent interconnect function

16、signal strength indicate 


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