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Lora Tap Timer movido a energia solar para jardim islâmico

Brand:QOTO Power supply:DC 5V 2A valve caliber:DN25

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  • QT-01-L/G

  • QOTO

Solar powered Lora Tap Timer for islamic garden

Brand QOTO
Model QT-01F-G/L
Power supply Solar panel+18650 battery 1pcs or 2pcs
Telecommunication protocol Lora/NB-iot/4G
Protection level IP67
Working Temp -20~75
valve diameter  DN25
flow meter range  1-100L/Min
Standard configuration smart valve controller+1 inch valve*1
Optional 18650 rechargeable batteries 1pcs or 2pcs

QOTO's product line covers all your needs, regardless of your existing equipment. These include an add-on that upgrades an existing controller, an intelligent replacement hub, and a moisture sensor that will completely automate the process of watering. Discover our advanced smart sprinkler and Lora Tap timer today for your plant and landscaping needs!




By installing a Lora Tap timer, you can keep the lawn and green and groom throughout the summer without any worries. You will be able to control watering the lawn remotely via a smartphone app from anywhere. If you want to go completely carefree, you can set the schedule for your sprinklers to go on and off automatically every day.

What’s more, if you build the irrigation system for large lawn and your irrigation system has more valves, you can divide it into irrigation zones and control the amount of the water regarding on how much moist the individual plants in different zones need. If connected to the moist sensor, some of the controllers even adjust the time of the irrigation according to the soil moisture and help you save on water.

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